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About The Show

The Sales 2020 Show

Tired of the flavor of the moment?

Sales 2020

Our mission is to help business owners and sales professionals increase revenue by improving the quality of customers and create higher margins. Instead of trying to convince prospects to buy, why not just:

Attract The Willing and Solve Their Problems

  • Attract The Willing: find people who want to buy your products and services by making them aware of your offer and raise their hands to start a conversation;
  • Solve Their Problems: problem solving is the primary function of sales – you have the solution to their pain. Help them move quickly through the sales funnel to a solution and reduce your cost of sales.

Stop the fragile hype of digital marketing and look for simpler, more robust solutions that work. The Sales 2020 Show is a proven and smart way to integrate all the available tools into a simple approach.

Our hosts, Donna Kunde and William Eastman, bring over half a century of building companies combined with the latest technology to help you create successful marketing & sales systems.

We won’t waste your time discussing methods that don't work - you can hear it in our voices.

Our approach is a mix of psychology and practical application. Understanding the thinking of customers, sales representatives, and owners allows us to select tools that Attract The Willing and Solve Their Problems. We have tackled the same problems as our audience - growing sales revenue faster with increased margins.

Our Marketing & Sales approach for building powerful revenue generating engines is simple: 

  • SURROUND Your Market
  • Become Their PREFERRED Choice
  • Create a TRIBE

Broadcast Schedule

Our goal is to grow your business through more and better revenue delivered faster. The only way that can work is for you to RAISE YOUR HAND and ask to be kept informed. Every Monday morning you will receive a list of shows and resources you can access. Your information is confidential and will remain that way.